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Earth Island Journal

Focus on: Coal mining in Germany

I originally learned about Lützerath, the ancient village to be bulldozed for Germany's largest active coal mine, from one of Greta Thurnberg's Instagram posts. Roughly a year and half later I was ankle deep in mud taking photos of the largest protest I've ever seen, while Thunberg was being removed by German police – a moment that made international headlines. 


Between these moments, I had learned everything I could about Lützerath and the history of coal mining in North Rhine-Westphalia. Along with my colleague, Leonard Frick, I had spent a number of nights in tents in "Lutzi Camp" speaking with activist organizers who dared to dream of a world free from the power structures that allow corporations to flatten whole villages for fossil fuels.


Collected here is my published reporting on Lützerath.


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